My goal is to help you crystallize your vision and produce a text that vigorously communicates this vision. We’ll take your writing to the next level by defining the script’s genre, target audience, tone, theme, core story elements, antecedent films and make a plan how you most effectively can go the distance with the story's inherent dramatic structure.

We’ll assess your script’s current marketability, see how it corresponds with your desired result and review the text’s narrative style based on broad and narrow audience appeal. We’ll make sure the broad/narrow choice harmonizes with the high/low budget choice, ensuring you’ll have a conceptually coherent project with positive prospects of being financed. If discrepancies pops up, we’ll sort them out.

It’s your vision that guides the way and sets the goal of the work, my job is to support you bring forward a text that achieves this goal. I'll boost your courage at every step of the way, as you confidently make creative choices. It’s easy for me to understand the needs of the writer, since I write myself, so I’ll be sure to give practical feedback - tools that are inspiring and useful from the writer’s perspective.

If other people are involved in the project (a producer, co-writer, director etc.) it’s important that everyone shares a common view when it comes to the vision.

Below you can read the script services I offer, depending on what kind of assistance you need. I recommend that you seek input early in the process as the most important notes deal with concept and basic structure. (Having said that; If you get stuck in post-production while editing a film and need dramaturgical input, give me a call)

I work on projects written in English and Swedish.

«What the world asks of you is courage, courage to risk rejection, ridicule and failure. As you follow the quest for stories told with meaning and beauty, study thoughtfully but write boldly. Then, like the hero of the fable, your dance will dazzle the world.«
Robert McKee


If you e-mail me your logline I’ll analyze the concept, with regards to commercial viability, genre, target group, tone, story type.

A logline should convey who the lead character is, what her/his problem is and how she's/he’s going to solve it.

Character: A high-powered surgeon
Conflict: is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife
Desire: and must escape custody to hunt down the real killer.

A tip is also to perfect your loglines using the peer reviews on:

Consultation in translating a story idea into a screenplay (or stage play) on Skype, telephone or in person.

Written analysis and suggestions to improve your short film script (25 pages or fewer), covering concept, genre, characters, structure, individual scenes and dialogue.

Written analysis of your synopsis (1-3 pages), focusing on strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the concept and basic structure. Chances are that the most significant comments I would have on a full screenplay, I would also have on the same story jammed into a concise synopsis – comments dealing with the overall structure.

Written analysis of your treatment (10-20 pages), covering overall story elements such as plot structure, theme, character review, genre and concept.

- A written story analysis on a screenplay (up to 110 pages), delving into;
*the harmony between the writer's vision and the text, analyzing possible discrepancies
*broad/narrow audience appeal in relation to big/low budget
*the logline and whether the script delivers on this promise of premise
*story type, genre and concept
*plot structure
*tone and target audience
*highlighting the strengths of the script
*theme and moral argument
*character orchestration
*character identification and clear and credible motivation (outer and inner)
*character arc/change (related to theme)
*scene design and the scenes' role in the story’s entirety
*suggestions to improve and develop the script in regards to your vision and, if desired, audience appeal and commercial viability

Further services in addition to this analysis can be added, such as:
- Page-by-page script notes, guiding you towards the next draft
- A follow-up consult session on Skype, telephone or in person (see below).
- Assisted rewrite (see below)

When you email me the script it's favorable if you include your logline and synopsis (if you have them).

CONSULT SESSION (recommended)

An additional consult session on Skype, telephone or in person (if you're in Stockholm, Sweden) to discuss the notes and possible next steps may be added to any of the above services (synopsis, treatment, short film etc).

Keep up the momentum during the rewrite and book four or more consult sessions to get specific feedback and suggestions as the writing process moves forward.

Every script is different and so are the requirements when it comes to what level of assistance is needed. If you email me a short presentation of your project and let me know what kind of assistance you need, I’ll get back to you and we discuss the scope of my work and agree upon a predetermined fixed fee.

The fee will be based on; if the project has financing in place or not, page count, length of consult session(s) and level of detail in my notes.

Some general guidelines:

Synopsis analysis: Half a day's work.
Short film script & treatment analysis: App. one day's work
Feature script analysis: Ranging from one and two day's work


Björn is a fantastic script consultant. He has a unique ability to break down what your story is about and illuminate its components. He has a grasp of storytelling and what makes different stories work. Very objective and clear-eyed perception. Call Björn!

Emil T. Jonsson, director and actor

Björn Boström is the best script analyst I have worked with. Like a studious story scientist, he is always constructive and objective in his feedback and in an educational way he gives me the tools I need to elevate my work. I hope a limited number of people discover Boström's great talent, because I intend to work with him on all my projects!

Björne Larson, director

As we developed the screenplay HULDRA-LADY OF THE FOREST we collaborated with Björn Boström who provided script consultation. Björn is very knowledgeable and

can skillfully maneuver turning points, setups, characters and acts. He was a tireless resource who stuck to the point, with a gentle ability to shed light on improvable parts. I hope to be able to hire him again soon and look forward to the day when we sink our teeth into the next great film.

Ove Valeskog, screenwriter, director and producer

Thanks for the great feedback! Lots of good thoughts and ideas. So many good changes we're now making in the script, the film will be so much better thanks to you!

Feedback response from Sara Hagnö, actress and producer

I just completed reading your extremely detailed coverage and I must say I am extremely impressed here; I appreciate your attention to all the details - it’s very clear you know what you’re doing here.

Feedback response from JD Glickman, writer and actor

Just read your notes. Really great feedback! Really impressed and I agree with just about everything you suggested. 

Feedback response from Normann Bjorvand, writer, director and producer